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We specialize in developing, producing, and installing tailored NYC bulletproof glass solutions.


About CQ2

At CQ2, we specialize in developing, producing, and installing tailored NYC bulletproof glass solutions that offer incredible safety and protection in addition to aesthetically pleasing design to keep your property looking great.  As one of the innovative leaders in the NYC bullet resistant glass industry, we have created a comprehensive line of top quality products to help you protect what matters most through the use of personalized barrier systems able to withstand the force from a .44 magnum. 

Our custom built NYC bulletproof glass for residential properties, schools, religious organizations, and more provide a protective barrier to fit any environment, whether you’re in need of NYC bullet resistant windows, doors, counters, or frames.

Investing in Your Safety

With over 30 years of experience in the New York City area bulletproof glass installations, we are capable of fitting properties across industries with the protective barrier systems they need to maximize safety and protection.  Our core competencies include:

Custom Designs

After contacting our CQ2 specialists, we will examine and review the specific needs of your space to determine the right bulletproof glass system for you. Whether you’re interested in NYC bullet resistant windows, doors, or more, we will create a custom plan that suits your needs while also ensuring a sleek and clean design that maintains the aesthetics of your space.

New Construction

Whether you’re in the process of building a new home, convenience store, utilities property, or more, CQ2 is experienced in installing NYC bulletproof glass systems in new construction. We will work with all contractors involved to create an efficient plan for a seamless installation of your custom-developed barrier system.


We are experienced in upgrading or replacing any older or out of date existing NYC bulletproof glass systems with tailored retrofits. CQ2 offers the latest and highest quality protective barriers in the industry that weren’t previously available on the market. Our retrofits will bring your product up to date to ensure that you have the safest NYC bullet resistant glass solution available for your New York City area space.

Integrated Systems

It is our goal that all customers have total peace of mind when it comes to their safety and protection. Our integrated systems work together to offer the most in protection, featuring all the components you need to keep your property protected and personnel safe.

Industries Served

No matter your industry, we have a NYC bulletproof glass system to fit your needs. In over 30 years we have completed tens of thousands of installations in the following industries:


What Sets Us Apart

CQ2 is trusted across the greater New York City area as a leading provider of bulletproof glass solutions, with tens of thousands of successful installations in businesses across industries.  Customers trust us with their safety and protection because we not only provide the highest quality products, but also because we are unmatched in speed of installation, our customization capabilities, as well as our customer service.

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