BulletProofing Schools: The Importance of School Safety

There are few things more important in this world than the safety of our children and the safety of schools. It is a sad and scary thought to have to be concerned about the wellbeing of our little ones while they are at school, but unfortunately, it has become a reality that we are getting all too used to. 

In light of tragic events that have occurred over the past few years, the conversation around school safety has become dramatically more important. School shootings have seen a large increase over the past decade, with more and more school shootings every year. In fact, there have been over 180 school shootings in the past ten years. And that statistic is growing. 

With the importance of school safety becoming a top priority for many, conversations about bulletproofing schools have also greatly emerged. As every protection measure, bulletproofing schools is not going to be a solution to the problem, but it could be a huge, potentially life-saving step in the right direction. Overall, bulletproofing schools may be the key to protecting and easing the minds of the most precious asset of society- our kids. 

Are School Doors Bulletproof?

Tragically, many school doors are not currently bulletproof. There has, however, been a huge increase in the number of bulletproof doors in schools. Parents, teachers, and school systems alike are beginning to realize the benefits of additional protections that come with the installation of these bulletproof doors for schools. Not only can they act as a primary level of defense on the outer layer and entrance doors to the school, but they can also be a final level of defense by adding bulletproof doors to each classroom. 

Each community nationwide should ask themselves the question, “Are our school’s doors bulletproof?” and if the answer is no, then it is important to reevaluate if that is the right decision for them. Bulletproofing doors in schools could be a very effective and important way to both deter and prevent tragic incidents like school shootings. If done right, school door bulletproofing may just be the future of in-school safety. 

Do Schools Have Bulletproof Glass?

So now that you have learned more about school door bulletproofing, you may be asking yourself, “Do schools have bulletproof glass?” That is a fantastic question and one that poses many additional questions about protection within schools. 

Similar to the case of bulletproof doors in schools, bulletproof glass within schools is something that is rare, but growing in importance and consideration. In previous years, little to no schools had bulletproof glass installed throughout or anywhere for that matter. After so many tragedies related to school shootings, however, bulletproofing glass within schools has become a much more appreciated and utilized safety feature for many schools nationwide. Bulletproof glass for schools is effective, it is comforting, and most importantly it could be lifesaving.

The Importance of School Safety

School safety is a priority- always. It is important that we create safe environments where teachers can teach and encourage students to learn and grow as they deserve. With their basic safety needs met and exceeded, children and teachers within schools can feel free to be creative, feel comfortable, and express themselves however they choose. It is an unfortunate fact that the threat to school safety has increased in the past decade, and will most likely continue to do so in the years to come. With proper safety plans in place and additional safety measures like bulletproof doors and bulletproof glass in schools installed, we can begin working towards rebuilding the feelings of comfort and safety that were once associated with school. 

Bulletproofing Schools: How CQ2 Can Help

One primary roadblock many schools deal with in regards to bulletproofing glass in schools is cost. Despite how impactful and significant the effects of bulletproof glass in schools may be, many school systems fear the cost that may be associated with bulletproofing the glass in the entire school for each school in the system. There are options to overcome these concerns, however. 

First and foremost, CQ2 is dedicated to providing bulletproof materials for schools and bulletproof installation for schools at unbeatable prices. We are industry leaders for bulletproofing and you won’t have to break the bank for our unbeatable bulletproofing for schools. Secondly, one important consideration to have in mind when bulletproofing schools is how much of the school to bulletproof. Ideally, bulletproof glass for schools and bulletproof doors for schools would be installed throughout. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t always feasible for a school system to afford. Instead, many schools have decided to do what they can by bulletproofing glass and bulletproofing doors at the main entrance of the school. This can help to deter outside shooters or dangers from coming in and will act as an active defense if the danger does decide to try and enter the school building. 

Ultimately, it is our goal at CQ2 to provide the best and most reliable bulletproofing for as many schools possible. We know and understand the importance of keeping our schools and our children safe and out of harm’s way. We strive to help protect them in the best way we know how- by supplying and installing bulletproof doors and bulletproof glass for schools. 
Learn more about bulletproofing schools from CQ2 and check out all of the bulletproofing options that we offer today! Additionally, contact us at (212) 874-5362 or info@bulletproofwindows.com at any time to discuss which bulletproofing options may be right for you. 

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