Can You Get Bulletproof Windows for Your House?

When most of us think of bulletproof windows, we typically imagine this safety measure as being reserved for higher risk businesses such as 24-hour convenience stores and gas stations, banks, and government buildings.

The reality, however, is that more and more families are beginning to install bulletproof windows in their home.  When it comes to safety and security, little else beats the level of protection bulletproof windows provides to you and your family.  Typically secured with walls reinforced by ballistic material, you can maximize your home’s level of protection without sacrificing the aesthetics you want in your home.

Who Should Get Bulletproof Windows?

The truth is that any family can benefit from bulletproof windows, whether they live in a big or small home, or in a rural or urban area.  Basically, anyone who would appreciate the added peace of mind bulletproof windows provide can invest in this safety measure. However, there are a few special circumstances in which it is especially important to consider installing ballistic windows in a house. 

Homes that contain valuable material possessions:  High net worth individuals whose homes contain a large amount of valuable material possessions should certainly consider implementing bulletproof windows.  In recent years, thieves have begun targeting homes where they know they can find expensive jewelry, handbags, artwork, and vehicles. The more secure the home, the less likely those up to no good will be able to successfully carry out a forced entry.

Homes in higher crime areas:  Living in New York City, or other densely populated urban environments, inherently comes with an increased possibility for crime – whether in the form of home burglarization or even firearm violence.  In some urban environments, you may have even seen on the news tragic instances of stray bullets entering the homes of innocent families and injuring its occupants. By installing bulletproof windows in homes in these areas, you significantly reduce the risk for such devastating accidents.

Benefits of Bulletproof Windows for Your Home: 200 words

If you’ve decided to make the investment and install bulletproof windows in your home, there are numerous benefits you’ll enjoy instantly.  These benefits include:

Unmatched security:  It may come as a surprise to learn that a strong ballistic glass window can actually provide the same level of security as tough materials like steel, however, this is true.  Bulletproof windows simply offer unparalleled safety when compared to other home safety measures. A natural deterrent to intruders, bulletproof windows allow families to create their own secure fortress.

Safety without sacrificing beauty:  Many of us go to great lengths to make our homes look and feel comfortable and inviting.  For this reason, there is likely some concern that installing bulletproof windows would instantly transform homes into a closed-off, dark, and unwelcoming “bunker of sorts”.   This is not the case, as bulletproof windows are actually an elegant safety solution – allowing for the same crystal clear customizable window options, such as a French window or a small lookout.  With ballistic windows, you’ll still be able to maintain the same leave of natural light in your home – just with an added layer of safety. 

Customizability:  When it comes to residential bulletproof windows, there is no single option to choose from.  Instead, materials range from basic laminates to more sophisticated acrylic and poly-carbonate materials that vary in the level of bullet resistance.  This ensures you find an option that works for your budget.

CQ2 is standing by to discuss the ballistic window options available to you for your residence.  With over 30 years’ experience installing bulletproof windows in homes of all sizes across New York City, we can’t wait to help you transform your home into the safe and secure space you need.

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