How Does Bulletproof Glass Work

If you are looking to protect your space or add additional security measures to your windows, you have probably heard of bulletproof glass and various bulletproof glass solutions. You have also probably seen many of these bulletproof glass solutions used in various places like gas stations, banks, schools, and even homes. In uncertain times, you can never be too safe, and bulletproof glass offers an additional layer of protection to provide you with the feelings of ease you have been longing for.  

How does bulletproof glass work though? And what makes bulletproof glass bulletproof? These are two very significant and very valid questions to ask if you are considering installing bulletproof glass into your space- and CQ2 is ready and able to help you understand!

What Makes Bulletproof Glass Bulletproof? 

The first thing to understand about bulletproof glass is that there really is no such thing. Technically speaking, no glass can be 100% bulletproof without fail. That is why it is typically referred to as bullet-resistant glass within the industry. Depending on the thickness of the glass, and the weapon used, bullet-resistant glass can stop bullets from penetrating or shattering the glass. For the sake of simplicity, however, we will continue to use the term bulletproof glass when referring to these systems. 

So exactly what makes bulletproof glass bulletproof? It is the combination of important plastics and other materials that adhere to the glass to change the way the glass would react to a bullet. This unique combination of plastics and materials coat the windows to create different layers in addition to just the glass. The process of how these materials work together to stop a bullet is actually quite interesting, as discussed below. 

How Does Bulletproof Glass Work?

So we know what makes the bulletproof glass bulletproof- but how does bulletproof glass work? It’s actually more simple than it may seem. A normal glass window would immediately shatter under the impact of a bullet. Bulletproof glass, however, has been specially designed to disperse the impact of the bullet in order to prevent it from going through the window or having the window shatter and spread glass pieces throughout. The layers of laminate, mentioned above, are able to absorb and disperse the energy of a bullet rather than the bullet’s energy hitting in just one place. This dispersion of energy stops the bullet from penetrating the bulletproof window.

To better understand, let’s use this same process in a different scenario. Let’s say you are a goalie for a soccer team. If someone were to kick the ball at you as hard as possible and you just stood there and took the impact of the ball, the energy from the ball would hit very hard. Ultimately, it would be a lot of power from the ball without any give from you- and simply put, it would hurt. That’s kind of what would happen with a typical window- a lot of power from a bullet with no give from the window. 

Now let’s say the ball is kicked at you in the same way but you adjust for the ball, brace yourself for the impact, and ultimately move with the momentum of the ball to slow its speed some. It would still be the same powerful impact, but you have dispersed the energy more and prepared for the hit in a more effective way to slow it down. This is the same effect you will find with bulletproof glass. The laminates will disperse the energy and ultimately “take the hit” in a more strategic way that will distribute the momentum and stop the bullet. 

CQ2 Bulletproof Window Options

Every bulletproof window manufacturer and installer has their own unique processes. They all, however, consist of some sort of layering process with glass and other various materials. CQ2 has found the bulletproof glass solution that we feel does the job most effectively. We offer bulletproof glass windows and acrylic and polycarbonate bulletproof windows (polycarbonate being a heavy-duty clear plastic). We customize each window to the specific needs of each space and will provide the bulletproof windows that are best for you. CQ2’s bulletproof glass is dependable, reliable, effective, and is sure to get the job done. 

For more information about which material used for bulletproof windows may be right for you or to find out how you can bulletproof your space today, check out the rest of our website or give us a call at (212) 874-5362. We look forward to helping you with any and all of your bulletproofing needs!

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