How To Get Bulletproof Windows

With so much hustle and bustle in the world lately, an additional need for security and protection for yourself and your space is more important than ever. One of the best ways to protect yourself in many of these unwanted situations is the addition of bulletproof windows. Bulletproof windows are a great way to deter trouble or, in the event that something bad is happening, prevent bullets from coming into your space or shattering your glass. 

Can You Get Bulletproof Windows?

There is no doubt that bulletproof windows are a very important and even lifesaving security addition to any space- but can you get bulletproof windows? Who is allowed to have them? Are they helpful in only certain environments? These are all great questions that are important to know in your journey to bulletproofing the windows in your space.

First and foremost, yes, you can get bulletproof windows. Anyone can. As mentioned, they are an extra layer of security to your space and that sense of ease shouldn’t be and is not off-limits to anyone. 

So who should have them? Anyone with a need for extra security, additional protection, ease of mind, or simply strong resistant windows can and should take advantage of bulletproof windows from CQ2. There are SO many people who fall into these categories of needs too. Check out a list of some prime industries and individuals that would benefit from bulletproof windows below and learn more about each industry on our industry service pages. 

  1. Schools
  2. Offices
  3. Businesses
  4. Residential
  5. Religious Organizations
  6. Government
  7. Law Enforcement
  8. Military
  9. Convenience Stores
  10. Corporate
  11. Utilities
  12. Municipal
  13. Healthcare
  14. High Network Individuals
  15. Fuel Centers
  16. Finance
  17. Construction
  18. Architecture & Engineering
  19. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

These are just a few of the many organizations, places, and groups of people that would benefit greatly from bulletproof windows. Additional protection is needed more than ever at any and all of these places and for any and all of these individuals- and bulletproofing windows is one great way to provide some. 

How To Get Bulletproof Windows?  

Getting soundproof windows is now easier than ever with CQ2. You tell us what you need, and we will take care of the rest. We will customize, develop, produce, and install bulletproof windows wherever you want and need them. We can create bulletproof windows to fit and match any space so you don’t have to worry about your space fitting any requirements from CQ2. All you have to do is contact us, tell us what you need, and trust that we provide you with the same great bulletproof windows that we guarantee to all of our customers. 

Our goal at CQ2 is to provide you with the best, highest-quality bulletproof windows for your space and to fit your specific needs. No matter the industry, client, or space, we can create and install bulletproof windows to protect you, your environment, and any others that occupy the space. Give us a call today or fill out our Get Protection form to begin your journey towards increased security, additional protection, beautifully designed windows, and alleviated worries the right way with CQ2!

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CQ2 is trusted across the greater New York City area as a leading provider of bulletproof glass solutions, with tens of thousands of successful installations in businesses across industries.  Customers trust us with their safety and protection because we not only provide the highest quality products, but also because we are unmatched in speed of installation, our customization capabilities, as well as our customer service.

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