Businesses of all types, whether convenience stores, medical facilities, or municipal buildings can benefit from the added security and peace of mind offered by NYC bulletproof window for businesses and NYC bulletproof door solutions for businesses. Now more than ever, as firearm violence is on the rise, protecting staff, customers, patients, and patrons is critical. CQ2 specializes in NYC bulletproof windows for businesses, as well as NYC bulletproof doors for business. Depending on the level of protection you need, we will develop a tailored plan that maximizes the security of your business without negatively impacting the aesthetics of your space.

NYC Bulletproof Security Solutions For Convenience Stores

When it comes to instances of armed robbery and forced entry, convenience stores are among the most targeted locations. There are a number of reasons why convenience stores are the targets of such violent acts. First, convenience stores have a high volume of products that can be quickly and easily stolen. Many of the products found in a convenience store are not locked in a display case that require employee assistance to access (like you might find in an electronics store). Therefore, it is a simple process for thieves to take what they want.

Convenience stores are also targeted because they are open late at night or during the early morning hours, often only staffed by a single person. With less foot traffic and surrounding businesses closed, there are fewer eyes to alert the authorities. Finally, convenience stores are targeted because there is access to a cash register. In most cases, thieves are looking for a quick supply of money. By threatening to use force with a firearm they are more likely to force compliance from a staff member.

CQ2 offers a range of NYC bulletproof glass for convenience stores and NYC bulletproof glass for gas stations for New York City businesses. From reinforced NYC bulletproof doors for convenience stores and gas stations, to NYC ballistic windows for convenience stores and gas stations, to ultra-secure store transaction lines that place a barrier between workers and customers, we will custom fit security solutions for your convenience store or gas station that maximizes safety and protection.

Bulletproof Security Solutions For Healthcare Facilities

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities experience a large volume of pedestrian traffic. Additionally, certain medical facilities are open 24/7 giving the public entry during late night and early morning hours, placing these locations at particular risk for potential acts of violence using a firearm – whether someone is attempting to reach a particular staff member, trying to steal medicine, or attempting to access confidential medical records. Today, hospitals and healthcare facilities across New York City are investing in top quality NYC bulletproof windows for hospitals and NYC bulletproof doors for hospitals to keep patients and staff safe.

NYC bulletproof glass for hospitals and healthcare facilities not only include windows and doors, but also pass through trays, transaction windows, currency trays and more. By adding these products to your integrated security solutions, you have a comprehensive system of barriers equipped to maintain a safe and secure environment. CQ2 is highly experienced in developing custom NYC bulletproof windows for hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as NYC bulletproof doors for healthcare facilities. Contact us today to discuss the options available to you.


What Sets Us Apart

CQ2 is trusted across the greater New York City area as a leading provider of bulletproof glass solutions, with tens of thousands of successful installations in businesses across industries.  Customers trust us with their safety and protection because we not only provide the highest quality products, but also because we are unmatched in speed of installation, our customization capabilities, as well as our customer service.

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