When it comes to NYC bulletproof security systems, most people assume these solutions are meant solely for businesses and other locations frequented by the public. However, this is not the case. In fact, more New York City homeowners and residential property managers are investing in NYC bulletproof windows and doors for homes. While home alarm security systems are a good first step to protecting your home, they are not always enough to keep your family safe – particularly if you or a family member forgets to arm the system. NYC bulletproof windows for homes and NYC bulletproof doors for homes ensure peace of mind that intruders, especially those that are armed, are not able to harm your loved ones.

Additionally, NYC ballistic windows for homes and NYC bulletproof doors for homes are a good investment for those that own homes in high crime neighborhoods with increased rates of gun violence. This is because stray bullets can penetrate your home, causing injury and even death to innocent and unsuspecting family members. Further, homes with expensive material goods, such as cars, artwork, jewelry, and clothing should invest in a NYC bulletproof system. With over 30 years of experience, CQ2 has fit homes of all sizes with tailored solutions to increase protection and security.

Planning Your NYC Bullet Resistant Home Security System

After making the decision to install NYC bulletproof residential windows for homes or NYC bulletproof doors for homes, there are a few factors to consider in determining which products are right for you. Consider the following:

Level of threat for your New York City neighborhood

The level of protection you require will impact the NYC bulletproof windows and NYC bulletproof doors installed in your home. If you live in an area where gun violence is common, you have street level windows in a high traffic area, or you are concerned about the risk of intruders for your remote residence, these factors and more should be taken into account.

Will the bulletproof materials be exposed to the elements

New York City experiences a wide range of weather, from hot summers to snowy winters. For this reason, you’ll need to factor in the environment your NYC bulletproof system will be exposed to. The amount of heat, moisture, and impact windows and doors experience will have an impact on the materials used for NYC ballistic windows for homes and NYC bulletproof doors for homes.

Existing surrounding materials

When shopping for NYC bullet resistant barriers, you also have to consider the surrounding materials of your windows and doors. You will want surrounding materials to match the durability and strength of your windows and doors so that they are the most effective possible.

Maintaining NYC Bulletproof Glass In Your Home

Many homeowners avoid installing NYC bulletproof glass solutions for fear of high maintenance costs and upkeep. In reality, maintaining NYC ballistic windows and doors for homes is fairly simple. Acrylic and polycarbonate windows can be cleaned using a soft cotton cloth or microfiber towel and 210 Glass Cleaner, or a diluted solution of dish soap and a gallon of water.


CQ2 NYC Residential Bulletproof Doors And Windows

CQ2 makes it easy to plan, produce, and install a NYC bullet resistant system in your home. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs to be on your way to a safer and more secure home environment for you and your loved ones.


What Sets Us Apart

CQ2 is trusted across the greater New York City area as a leading provider of bulletproof glass solutions, with tens of thousands of successful installations in businesses across industries.  Customers trust us with their safety and protection because we not only provide the highest quality products, but also because we are unmatched in speed of installation, our customization capabilities, as well as our customer service.

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