Now more than ever, schools are prioritizing safety against firearms as the frequency of school shootings has increased.  With this shift, many existing windows and doors in private and public schools across New York City are not currently equipped with the appropriate security barriers to protect students and teachers.  CQ2 has performed thousands of installations in schools, fitting entryways, classrooms, auditoriums, and more with the right security barriers to keep everyone inside safe in the event of a threat. CQ2 offers top-quality NYC bulletproof windows for schools and NYC bulletproof doors for schools for additional security. 

How We can Help

Whether you’re interested in retrofitting your school with NYC bulletproof windows for schools, or are in need of NYC bulletproof windows and doors for a new build, we have a solution for you.

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NYC Bulletproof Windows for Schools
NYC Bulletproof Doors for Schools

NYC Bulletproof Windows For Schools

To combat increased threats in schools, some New York City campuses have resorted to minimizing window space on buildings.  This step can have adverse psychological effects on students and teachers. Instead, NYC bulletproof windows for schools allow for increased light and visibility while also adding a security barrier.  CQ2 offers NYC bulletproof glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate windows for schools that are customized to the specific needs of the property.

Are There Alternatives To NYC Bulletproof Windows And Doors For Schools?

Installing NYC bulletproof windows for schools can feel like an overwhelming and potentially expensive process.  For this reason, many search for quicker alternative solutions. One such alternative is aftermarket security films.  Simply put, a security film is a layer that is applied to glass and glazing that holds a window or glass door together in the event the glass shatters.  In some cases, a security film is enough to halt a forced entry attempt.

However, security films are simply not enough to protect New York City schools, because these films do not protect against bullets.  There is simply no safer and more protective solution than NYC bulletproof windows and doors for schools.


About Our Products

To offer the best quality NYC bulletproof windows for schools and NYC bulletproof doors for schools to our New York City area customers, CQ2 has partnered with a top U.S. glass manufacturer that has developed the latest and most effective security window available on the market today.  The NYC bulletproof glass for schools we produce is designed to stop forced entry, and in more extreme cases, stop bullets from penetrating the building. Additionally, we offer schools a more cost-effective glazing solution to implement added security.


CQ2’s security glazings are more effective than the traditional glazing’s on the market.  While a typical glazing will be comprised of thermoplastics such as acrylic or polycarbonate to increase strength and security, our glazing is made with glass. By adding glass to the formula, the strength of our NYC ballistic windows for schools is substantially increased and much easier to maintain.


What Sets Us Apart

CQ2 is trusted across the greater New York City area as a leading provider of bulletproof glass solutions, with tens of thousands of successful installations in businesses across industries.  Customers trust us with their safety and protection because we not only provide the highest quality products, but also because we are unmatched in speed of installation, our customization capabilities, as well as our customer service.

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