Uses of Bulletproof Windows

With firearm violence on the rise occurring in cities across the world, more home and business owners are considering the options available to them to increase safety and security measures. One such step many are interested in are bulletproof windows.

Bulletproof windows offer a number of benefits, particularly that they are an incredibly strong barrier that is significantly less penetrable than the average window.  If you’re wondering whether bulletproof windows are right for your needs, read on to learn of their various uses.

Use #1:  Protect Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Businesses that are open 24 hours such as convenience stores and gas stations, are at a particularly high risk for robbery.  In some cases, thieves will use a firearm as a way to force staff to give them what they want as quickly as possible. Such businesses are targeted not only because they are open during odd hours with few staff members present, but also because they have a high volume of easy to grab items. For this reason, many convenience stores and gas stations have installed bulletproof windows to minimize the risk of robberies.  Such businesses have the option to add bulletproof external windows, as well as customized bulletproof transaction windows, currency trays, and counters. 

Use #2:  Protect Schools

As more instances of gun violence in schools occur, educational campuses are taking measures to keep students and teachers as safe as possible.  This includes installing bulletproof windows and doors. Today, there are a number of different types of bulletproof windows and doors to choose from, so schools can maintain an open, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing environment without sacrificing safety.  Bulletproof windows and doors can be installed in school entryways, auditoriums, classrooms, gyms, and more. 

Use #3:  Protect Religious Organizations

In recent years, religious organizations have been targets of violence with the use of firearms.  Another important use of bulletproof windows is to protect such locations. A big priority for many religious organizations and sites is to maintain an open environment that is full of uplifting natural light. Bulletproof windows and doors allow them to do just that, with many ballistic products that are crystal clear – just as any typical window is. 

Use #4:  Protect Homes

Bulletproof windows are not just for businesses and schools.  In fact, homeowners are making the investment to protect their family and belongings. Bulletproof windows are particularly beneficial for homes that contain a number of valuable items, such as expensive jewelry, clothing, handbags, and artwork.  Further, bulletproof windows are also incredibly useful in densely populated urban areas where higher instances of crime occur. Installing bulletproof windows and doors can instantly deter potential intruders, and protect against stray bullets in neighborhoods where gun violence is more common.

Bulletproof Windows from CQ2

These are just a few of the many uses of bulletproof windows.  There are countless other buildings across industries that can benefit from the use of bulletproof windows for safety and protection.  If you’re considering bulletproof windows for your New York City area property, contact our team at CQ2 to discuss the customizable options available to you.  We are excited to pair you with a security solution that gives you peace of mind, without sacrificing the aesthetics of your space.

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